Home on the Range

I suppose it’s about time I fill you all in on goings-on of my life after a thrilling ride in India. After a bout of severe “Delhi Belly,” I ended up flying home to the USA to recuperate, seek treatment, and get back on my feet, having decided that I was satisfied by my time overseas and was emotionally and physically ready to come home and be with my family for a little while (I thought maybe it was time to come home after a feverishly-delusional, messily-sick night of paranoia that terrorists were coming for me.)

My arrival home found me sleeping on my mother’s screened-in porch (while I was away, her own ventures involved moving out of my childhood home and acquiring a much smaller but lovely place that also happens to lack space for her only wandering daughter.) I’ve since taken up residence on my brother’s incredibly cozy couch in Massachusetts, where I am currently working in a bakery on a family-run farm and saving up money for the next adventure. To cope with the sudden big-girl full time job routine, I have taken up ukulele lessons to fulfill my need for novelty!

picture075THANK YOU for your readership! I’m sure I’ll rekindle Quinn the Girl once again sometime in the future.



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