NaNoWriMo: Word Sprinting to the Finish Line

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


So, we are down to the final stretch of Nanowrimo and I do apologize: my intentions were, of course, to post much more frequently than I have been, and I’m super grateful to the 45+ people who contributed material to be showcased in my next video blog. I had one reader contact me asking if I’d given up on my novel! Have no fears: I’m chugging along at 41,303 thousand words and counting, with one of the strangest, most spastic and multi-dimensional novels I have ever written. It’s been a frustrating and exiting month of writing thus far, with characters proving to be uncooperative nuisances and unexpected plot twists upturning all my plans. Surprises within your own story is one of the most thrilling aspects of Nanowrimo; sometimes, the story in you is not the one you thought, and a whole host of little self-discoveries begin to unfold, uprooting the things that you thought you knew about yourself. Sometimes, your own characters teach you more than you could possibly imagine. In that regard, November is often an oddly therapeutic month of writing.


For any fellow wrimos who may be reading and are sprinting on this final stretch to November 30th: You’re almost done. I, for one, have had more trouble this year writing then I have any other year. This is partially due to the fact that I’ve developed a preference for writing nonfiction over fiction, and partially due to personal distractions (which is a trivial excuse, I know, but true nonetheless.) I’ve been busy traveling cross county via buses, planes, trains and Craigslist rideshares (and I must say, there’s nothing more romantic to me than noveling in the lounge car on a cross country train ride with the great Midwestern plains shooting by.)


Word sprints have been my friend this month. This entails setting a timer for any given amount of time (my go-to is ten minutes) and writing without breaks. This becomes a free write of sorts, and I’m no longer able to novel without this tactic!


Word Sprint Rules

  1. Fingers cannot leave the keyboard
  2. No backspacing allowed
  3. Keep writing regardless of what word-vomit is projecting from your fingertips


Occasionally, I turn my font color white so that I can shut off my inner editor completely, as I find that even subconscious visual ques can prompt hesitancy while writing. Since time is of the essence and I’ve spent most of the month falling behind on my word count, there’s no time to waste with worrying over silly things like quality…!

Best of luck to anyone still writing. The end is right around the corner.


-Quinn the Girl


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