Simplifying in 2016


New Year’s resolutions haven’t exactly been a thing for me in a long time. Committing to long-term, distant and uncertain end-points has traditionally made me insurmountably uncomfortable, and the times when I did decide to gather my courage and pledge myself to some New-Years-hype-induced agenda, it either had to be such an abstract goal that I could achieve it almost automatically and therefore avoid guilt, shame, self-disappointment etc., or, it had to be a concrete quota of sorts (such as writing 365 poems, or creating one journal entry per day) so that I could measure the results in a strictly quantitative fashion. For 2016, I suppose I’m going the more abstract route, but with tighter parameters. This year, I want to simplify my life, in the context of environmental conservation, with a dash of underlying inner-well-being. But what does that mean?


Ironically, as I’m examining the hundreds upon hundreds of ways in which I could simplify and integrate more environmentally-savvy habits into my lifestyle, I am faceplanting into the realization that simplifying my life could be one of the most complicated, un-simple endeavors I have ever pursued.

Nonetheless, I have decided to dive in—or, more accurately, dip my toes into the water with every intention of diving in eventually (at my own pace, on my own terms, without being pushed in or splashed before I’m ready. I HATE that.)


Eventually, I want to look into my cupboards and see less food items encased in plastic (and I want my trash can to reflect that). I want to make fewer trips to the transfer station or to the dumpster. I want to feel morally satisfied with the way that I shop, the way I consume, and the way I dispose and reuse. And, I’m hoping to blog about these upcoming baby steps as I take them in my own wobbling fashion. It is not my intention to preach, to nag, or to shame—rather, it is my wish to initiate an exploration into my own habits and to conduct a conversation with you, my readers, in a manner in which I can learn, share, and acquire feedback in constructive ways. Writing about it will also hopefully encourage me to stick with it.


I’m looking forward to whatever this may bring. A huge thank you to the amazing readers that signed up to follow my blog in 2015. Happy New Year!


4 thoughts on “Simplifying in 2016

  1. Quinn – As Maryellen and I prepare for a move I am facing first hand the results of living a decidedly UN-symplified life, no matter what my image of myself is. Very frustrating and humbling. I agree that the goal of simplification is fraught with many social, economic and ingrained habitual obstacles. I also realize it is a very slow process, and involves minute to minute decisions. Working on it….!


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