GoFundMe: “Travel Blog Success”

Traditionally my blog has been a personal outlet and portfolio of writing on various topics, adventures, and concerns, with dabblings in photography and videoblogging. Writing in conjunction with multi-media projects has been a passion of mine since I was very, very young—my child’s resume would have boasted a regularly “published” snail-mail newsletter called “Quinn’s World,” relaying stories of my family vacations, favorite games, recipes, etc., as well as a bimonthly zine called “Stellar,” in which I challenged stereotypes and sought to redefine beauty (in my own childish ways—a precursor to my adult state of feminism!)

I’m ready to take the steps necessary to make my hobby more than just a layperson’s time-killer; although I have recreationally written about my travels in the past, an impending trip to Thailand later this Fall has me rearing to elaborate. Which is why I am reaching out to you!

I am hoping to partake in a self-paced course titled “Travel Blog Success,” with which I can build foundational skills to fortify my blogging and writing future. The course will guide me through various modules such as learning to build my own online niche, basic web-design, formulating effective, multi-media based content, techniques for developing web traffic, tactics for marketing and querying and a whole host of other things that I know very little about (such as attending blogging/writing conferences, scoring press trips and, finally, making a little bit of money while I’m at it.)

I hope that you’ve been at least a little entertained by some of my stories on quinnthegirl.com and that you’d be interested in future projects; the cost of this course is $447. This cost covers all of the blogging courses as well as a lifelong membership to “Travel Blog Success,” which would provide me invaluable networking opportunities with skilled and experienced bloggers. I’m ecstatic to have learned about this online class, as it could provide me with crucial tools with which to intersect some of my favorite things – writing, traveling, and artful communication! My gratitude for your donation, no matter the amount, will be intense; the future projects that stem from what I will learn in this course will owe you much credit and thanks, and your name (with permission) will be listed in future acknowledgements!

Thank you in advanced for your amazing support and readership!

To learn more about the course I hope to take, check out https://travelblogsuccess.com/

To donate, please click the green button below!


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