Thailand Trip Announcement

Quinn the Girl began as a personal travel blog. Since my time in India, I’ve dabbled in other “genres” over the past couple of years, relaying stories of my miscellaneous goings-on and interests in the form of experimentation and exploration. And although I’ve taught myself to seek adventure and meaning, subtly evasive in the fibers of ordinary days, my feet feel ready to touch ground in a far-off destination, and my pen feels ready to write about it, in light of this blog’s original intention.


So, having said that, I am very pleased to officially announce that I will be departing in one week for Thailand! And, unlike my standard tendency to fly half way around the world solo for an indefinite amount of time, I do, in fact, have a return ticket in December, and I will not be traveling alone.


Enter Jimmy, my all-time favorite Hoosier. You’ll see his name pop up in the future blog posts for this trip as a prominent character in my stories. I don’t take the decision to travel with another human being lightly.



Forthcoming will be photos and travel narratives merged with practical travel information and advice for the future Thailand-bound. I’d like to take a moment to thank the readers that have stuck with me thus far despite my varied topics of interests and occasionally sporadic posting. I hope this is a step toward reigniting the travelbug!


If you’re interested in reading about our adventures, you can sign up to follow this blog by email using the form on the right-hand side bar!


4 thoughts on “Thailand Trip Announcement

  1. Looking forward to the modern day version of the old “travelog” provided by QTG (Quinn the Girl) and Jimmy the Hoosier!


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