Where did I go?


Several people have asked me if I am ever going to blog again, and the short answer is: Yes!


So where did I go?


The long answer: Despite many threats to remain in Thailand given the disturbing election results, I begrudgingly returned to the U.S in December, spent a few weeks busting out huge quantities of waffles to hungry skiers at Attitash Mountain, then hopped a bus to New York City to complete the college degree on which I’ve been chugging away via online coursework over the past couple of years. So, since January, I’ve been adjusting to the fast-talking, speed-walking, coffee-inhaling pace of New York City (whoa!) while attending an in-person semester at The New School. It’s been a whirlwind journey, to say the least; having never spent much time in large cities, I’ve struggled to acclimatize to a lifestyle where concrete prevents my feet from touching the ground, shoulder-to-shoulder underground subway crowds evoke claustrophobia, and everyone wears work boots for style instead of function. When I first moved into my apartment, I made a joke to my roommate that I had to force myself to leave my headlamp at home.

“What’s a headlamp?” She asked.  We proceeded to spend several weeks feeling baffled by each other. I sincerely underestimated the potential impact of culture shock within my own country!


Luckily, I’ve had the opportunity to return home to the mountains of New Hampshire for a rejuvenating break, and will return to NYC next week for the final stretch of my BA in Food Studies.


Recently, the intensity of my course load at school has prompted me to disengage from blogging, social media, etc. However, future projects pertaining to this blog and other multi-media endeavors are in the works, and I’ll be excited to share them with you once I graduate and have more time to brainstorm, refine, and create.


Happy Spring!


Quinn the Girl

4 thoughts on “Where did I go?

  1. Congratulations on surviving in the concrete jungle! And good luck with your final weeks of study. Its nice to hear that you are doing well.


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