The Trump Slump and Loi Krathong: A Resolve to Love and Defend

This is not an invitation to argue or debate. This is just a story about my emotional process post-election in the context of traveling in Thailand. [Wat Chong Klang lights up Jong Kham Lake in Mae Hong Son:]   When I found out who won the election, I crawled into bed and stayed there for … More The Trump Slump and Loi Krathong: A Resolve to Love and Defend

International Travel: Packing for Planned Spontaneity

I’m a big believer in destiny. Paulo Cuelo’s The Alchemist is like my Bible: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” I believe that fate has in store for us what it will, and that our actions of free will are actually just manifestations of this. This doesn’t … More International Travel: Packing for Planned Spontaneity

Home on the Range

I suppose it’s about time I fill you all in on goings-on of my life after a thrilling ride in India. After a bout of severe “Delhi Belly,” I ended up flying home to the USA to recuperate, seek treatment, and get back on my feet, having decided that I was satisfied by my time … More Home on the Range

Snakes in the night

Sorry in advanced for the formatting of this post, my device doesn’t seem to like spaces in between paragraphs! AUROVILLE. If there is ever a dull day on the farm, it is most likely because I wasn’t paying enough attention. Life chugs along, crisis after crisis, solution after solution, meeting after meeting, banana chip after … More Snakes in the night


AUROVILLE, TAMIL NADU, INDIA- I successfully finished up my yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, bid my farewell to the Mama Ganga (the Ganges River) and hopped a southbound flight to Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India. After a day or two of fairly smooth travel (an elusive taxi here and … More BANANAS

Becoming a Disciple

“Who I am? What I am to do?” Our Philosophy teacher asks us in his heavy Indian accent. These are the most original and universal questions of mankind, and our teacher has taken on the duty of slowly showing us the light. He is the taller, more smiley version of Yoda: the keeper of life’s secrets, … More Becoming a Disciple

Delhi to Rishikesh

My initial impression of India was that there seemed to be a generous amount of perverts, the whole country smelled of piss, and the general Indian lifestyle appeared characterized by insanity and perpetual, endless chaos that threatened to shake my already-unstable foundation. I was proposed to before even landing in Delhi, by a young man … More Delhi to Rishikesh